Study Motivation

by - November 09, 2017

Salam alaik. Hello to people who are reading this! I am here again with another post after a long time not updating my blog. Lately, I am so busy with a few thing. So today, I am going to talked about study motivation. Alright, here we go!

After hours of nonstop studying, have you ever felt so frustrated that you could rest in peace someone's head off? Well, you're not alone. We all go through it. Nobody really want to, but studying is one thing that we all have to do, whether we like it or not.

For most of us, studying is regarded as a burden. But, whether we admit it or not, deep down, we all know that we want to get good grades and make our parents proud and friends jealous. 

One thing that we all will can agree on, is that exams are one of the most stressful parts of a student's life. All those long sleepless nights that we spend studying is proof of that. But, is restricting yourself from sleep the night before the exam, really the best option for scoring excellent grades? Perhaps not.

Most of us just don't have the motivation to start studying earlier. By the time we open the books, it's already too late. There's not enough time to learn and revise everything properly. So, why not remember that motivation is the key to success and start studying in advance?

You can make timetables and schedules to remind yourself to study, perhaps even a study alarm, but if that sounds too complicated or stressful to you, don't worry. There are many other ways that you can motivate yourself to study.

Use flashcards to learn definitions and mind maps to visualise your topics better, improve your memory and proritize information. If you're too lazy to make your own flashcards, try the app called 'Quizlet'. It's free!

One other important thing you need to do before you start studying is to make sure you're free from all kinds of distractions. Don't watch TV and study at the same time. Turn your phone off, or if that isn't an option for you, turn off the WiFi and keep your phone somewhere difficult to reach. Maybe even leave it for charging.

While you're studying, don't let any negative thoughts consume you. Always think positively. Set a target. Think about how you would get higher marks than your friend. Don't give up. Don't tell yourself that you can't do it. That'll just make you feel weaker. So, instead, tell yourself that you can do it. That you will do it and you'll be fine.

Take regular breaks of about ten to twenty minutes for every hour you study. Don't study on your bed if you think you may fall asleep. Instead, sit on a chair which you feel comfortable in, but not comfortable enough to fall asleep in.

Some people feel more motivated to study if they have cool new stationery to use, so if that works for you, why not try it? You can use colorful highlighters, markers, gel pens and post-it notes; just about anything which could keep you motivated enough to learn.

Maybe you are a good listener and can remember things easily if you listen to it. If so, you could read your notes out loud, record it and then listen to it. It's a great learning technique if you're into that sort of thing.

Last, but not least, the food you eat during your exam days can affect your studying. Eat more healthy food such as fruits and vegetables and more protein-rich foods like eggs, yogurt and oatmeal. Some studies show that eating dark chocolate is also great for concentration and memory boosting. For me, bananas and strawberries works the best. You should avoid sugary foods as much as possible.

As a final note, I would like to say that if you try, you can succeed. You just need to stay motivated enough. Think positive and don't give up. That's all for today. Thank you for spending your time. Love, Dinie.

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